On April 17, 2016 popular actor

He would later go on to share a photo of his leg in a cast while he was recuperating in the hospital. Three days after his accident Nonso Diobi had an epiphany about fair-weather friends in the industry. Below are his thoughts;

“This past few days has been the toughest time of my life, some friendship started while some ended in this few days," he wrote, adding, "Sometimes God allows things to happen to good people just to show u who your REAL friends are... Its so ironic how those "friends" close to u never cared when u down ,those close friends of mine I talk to everyday even on the phone never showed any care or affection towards my situation.. Can't even count the number of DM's and calls I got from pple I don't even know or talk to just to check up on me and no how they can help.”

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He further wrote “Celebrities are also humans forget what u see on TV ,they feel pain and they also try to reach out to pple, most people that HV met me or talked with me can bear me witness that I'm not one of those celebs that are rude, proud and acts like a god.... Its so sad when I tried to reach out to most people this past few days all I got was the " I DONT CARE SIGNAL" And it has made me realized that most people I v got around me are just there cos of the name, celebrity status and fame, just wanna say a big thank u to all those people that I don't no or talked to but yet check up on me everyday and even tried to help my situation... Pls be careful of FRENEMIES....I love u all regardless.”

It is true. In hard times that’s when we get to know our real friends. Nonso Diobi should know this- it is a fact of life. When you are down and in need of any kind of help this so called friends disappear.

When OJB Jezreel had his health issues and started pleading for funds publicly it was strangers and good Samaritans that helped and not the countless singers he made into stars. As fate would have it Psquare (who he criticized early on in their career) donated money to him.

Not many people we call our friends are actually our friends. For celebrities, most of the people who hover around them don’t care about them. They just want to be associated with them because of their fame and money. When the things go bad for a celeb his/her so called friends are the first to jump ship.

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Nonso Diobi is a big boy and he shouldn't focus on the people who are not with him. His epistle wasn't unnecessary but I guess he had to let off steam.

This is life for you. When you are hot you are the man of the hour and when you are down people no longer pick your calls.