The female body- many consider it the most fascinating thing on earth. Men have lost their minds, kings have abdicated their thrones and sons have disowned their families because of a woman’s captivating curve.

Despite the types of female bodies we have in the world, we (the world) have narrowed down the ideal body type to just one- slim, sexy, not too many curves and a flat stomach. That is the standard body shape or figure we the inhabitants of the world have seemingly agreed on.

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The women who feel the pressure most to fit into this body type are female celebrities. Popular singer and actresses are expected to look like the female superheroes in comics. The pressure is insane for them to whip their body into shape to fit the so-called ideal body figure.

While female celebrities might be the Greek goddesses of our era they too have to obey the law of nature. During pregnancy it’s more than common knowledge that women gain a lot of weight. After childbirth that weight is still retained and it takes a conscious effort of hitting the gym for it to go away.

We understand this about average women but when it comes to female celebrities we expect them to look as slim and sexy as ever the next day after childbirth. Once a female celebrity announces that she has given birth and reveals the photo of her child, the next thing we expect to see is her ‘post baby body’.

While some female celebrities can burn off the fat just like that, it takes a while for some to get their pre-baby figure back. A lot of noise is being made in Nigeria about a female celebs post-baby body.

Nollywood actress Uche Jombohas been constantly battling trolls who make a fuss about her post baby body. She has ranted and written messages on her Instagram page about body shaming. Some of her colleagues have had to come to her defence.

This is showbiz no doubt but it seems the human element is being traded off for a 24-hour perfection standard which is not only ridiculous but impossible.

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The issue about post-baby bodies has become such a big deal that Tonto Dikeh is joyous that her fans are cool with her figure months after delivering her son. “THANK YOU ALL FOR LETTING ME BE ME AND APPRECIATING MY NEW BODY AND NOT PUTTING ME DOWN. I LOVE YOU ALL. GOD BLESS YOU ALL” she wrote on August 3, 2016.

Also when Mercy Johnson started posting photos after delivering her third baby, a lot of people praised her for losing weight. Even Tiwa Savage who had given birth a few months earlier couldn’t help but gush about Mercy Johnson’s body. And speaking of Tiwa Savage it did take her some time for her to lose that baby weight. That’s why she stayed off social media for a while until she was ready to show herself.

Fussing over a female celebrity’s body is sexist but we do not live in an ideal world. Sex sells and that rings so true in the entertainment business. Post baby bodies will always be a trending topic.

I think that our female Nigerian celebrities can wait and work on their body after giving birth before posting any photo on Instagram. Even if it takes six months they should take their time. Posting stuff before that body is on fleek would only attract criticisms and trolls.

People want female celebrities to look perfect always. In reality this cannot be achieved in all time. The celebrity business is all about creating illusions, an illusion that you are perfect all day long. You can be fat all you want but remember to always create that illusion that you have the ideal body.