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Yesterday (Sunday, April 17, 2016) the popular blogger sparked up the tiring drama again by writing an epistle on why she reported

In her article she wrote about how it was wrong for Wizkid to have threatened her (I agree with that), why it was the right thing for her to report to the police (I agree with that too), and how she wants to make an example out of him on behalf of violence against women (I don’t agree with this at all).

On April 4, 2016 this is what I wrote about Wizkid after his online spat with Linda Ikeji. “It’s sad to think that Wizkid who should represent a new wave of thinking for young people in the country is still stuck in the patriarchal way of thinking. In Nigeria he might get away with this type of thinking but for a star who is getting some attention abroad these type of comments will end up biting him in the ass.”

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So I am totally with Linda Ikeji and others in saying Wizkid messed up big time. The least he can do is apologize publicly for his uncouth statement. About him losing his endorsements? That would be too drastic. Linda Ikeji mentioned how Chris Brown was ostracized after beating up Rihanna. She forgot that to add that the pop singer was shunned by the industry for actually beating up someone and not just threatening someone. An apology and a large donation to a female rights organization would suffice.

The issue I have with Linda Ikeji’s long statement is that she played the female rights card and violence against women card for her benefit and not for the bigger cause. What she did is similar to some African-Americans yelling racism when they have done wrong or committed a crime. Linda Ikeji went the female rights way for sentiments.

Yes Linda Ikeji gives out money to aspiring female entrepreneurs but she has not been so vocal about female rights and things of that nature. I can vividly remember how silent she was when Sugabelly wrote a compelling account of how she was raped and sexually abused.

Even if Linda Ikeji did not believe her she could have least posted the story. It was the biggest story at that time online. Strangely Linda Ikeji was silent on a matter that had many influential Nigerian women involved. Linda Ikeji did not even tweet a hashtag in support of Sugabelly, a fellow woman.

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Also when it was largely reported that AY’s wife had left her matrimonial home Linda Ikeji conveniently overlooked that story and jumped on the PR clean version of events that AY came up with days later.

These are just a few examples of Linda Ikeji’s ‘unlooking’ stance on stories that favour her agenda. He or she who wants to bring equity must come with clean hands. Linda Ikeji does not have the cleanest of hands. She can’t wave the feminism flag as a pawn in her battle against Wizkid.

Linda Ikeji has the right to go after Wizkid but using the women's rights movement is lame and is a mockery of women who are actually passionate about the empowerment of women.