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Speaking to Tribune Newspaper Doris Simeon stated that her son is not with her and she is currently in court with her former husband Daniel Ademinokan on the custody of their son.

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Doris Simeon and Daniel Ademinokan separated in 2010 and divorced later. The actress has not been with her son for years. She however did see him a few years ago.

When news got out that this was the situation years ago actress Stella Damasus who started dating Ademinokan shortly after got a lot of knocks for being part of the messy situation.

“This is so heart-breaking; how can a woman be ostracized from seeing her son? Every woman knows the pain of being separated from a child carried in the womb for nine months. Now I ask you this, Stella Damasus, you are crying against child bride and pursuing other campaign. Can you not feel Doris’ pain, the pain of a woman who carried a child for nine months and does not even get to speak to that child on the phone?” wrote a concerned fan on Facebook.

On April 4, 2016 David turned eight years old. His mum which also highlighted the pain of not being with her son.

“Happy birthday to my fantastic 8. 8 yrs ago I opened my eyes and asked is he dark or fair in completion and they told me na afin u born o.. And when I set my eyes on u my love u, u r such an angel. And u grow to be a wonderful, grate and brilliant man every single day. U r still growing and growing to be greater than me ur mother ijn. Happy birthday son. Grow in the Lord. Age with grace Love of my life. Mummy loves u to the moon and bk. #davrisbeautycentre#david #myvalentineanytime#myheartbeat,” wrote Doris Simeon.

What will it take for Doris Simeon to see her son again? Daniel Ademinokan and Stella Damasus pride themselves as Christians. I don’t think the Bible has any specific law regarding this type of situation but at least the conscience can come into play.

The child needs his mother. He should be allowed to visit his mother in Nigeria with the guidance of his father. Imagine years later this boy not knowing his biological mother anymore? Doris Simeon will be crushed. You can’t be an Instagram practicing Christian and fail at the basic principles of the religion- forgive, forget and love.

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Where is the love and forgiveness? How would Stella Damasus feel if her kids were taken from her and she never saw them again? Irrespective of whatever happened that led to their divorce the child caught in between should not suffer.

It’s high time Daniel Ademinokan and Stella Damasus let Doris Simeon see her son. It is the right thing to do.