It seems that the Yoruba movie industry has a new queen and her name is

The 37-year-old actress within the last 12 months looks like she is the hottest actress within the Yoruba movie sector and the funny thing is Mercy Aigbe isn’t Yoruba. She is from Edo state. This shouldnt be really much of a surprise because the Yoruba movie industry is receptive to actors from other parts of the country.

One thing that has helped Mercy Aigbe become mainstream popular is because of her social media savvy most especially Instagram. On the photo sharing app Mercy Aigbe has close to 760,000 fans. She is a sensation on Instagram with her beautiful looks and lovely sense of style and fashion.

Mercy Aigbe has made it on Pulse’s ‘Outfit of the Day’ numerous times. She is not only a movie star but a style star also. Aigbe is one of the top actresses who always looks good at events and movie premieres.

In October 2015 the actress confessed that she has so many shoes that she can’t sleep in her bedroom anymore. “The fact is, I actually like everything when it comes to fashion; I think I’m greedy when it comes to fashion; clothes, bags, shoes, everything.”

She further said “Maybe shoes, but I’ve lost count; and I hardly sleep in my room now because of the number of clothes and shoes I have. Recently, a thought crossed my mind that I should do something for my die hard followers, my fans, if they don’t mind, I would give out the clothes I’ve worn not more than once.”

Strangely ThisDayStyle left out Mercy Aigbe in their ‘Nollywood’s Best Dressed’ List. Mercy Aigbe was vocal about her omission and used the opportunity to speak about how Nollywood neglects Yoruba movie actors.

“Has @thisdaystyle ever featured a yoruba actor on their cover?.........are yoruba movies not part of nollywood? Nollywood not supposed to mean home grown Nigerian movies? .....hmmmmm I am very sure they didn't coz, they won't want to STAIN their cover with a 'RAZZ' 'LOCAL' yoruba actor!....” wrote Mercy Aigbe on her Instagram.

Mercy Aigbe is a firm supporter of the Yoruba movie industry. When fellow actress Toyin Aimakhu was receiving knocks over her dramatic lifestyle Mercy Aigbe came to her defence.

“Pls all those who are crucifying my sis, biko leave her alone oh! We all make mistakes and we learn from u sweets” wrote the actress. So Mercy Aigbe has now become a big sister of sorts who defends her colleagues and her industry.

Also Mercy Aigbe has masterfully turned around the image of her marriage to Lanre Gentry. In 2013 Mercy Aigbe hit the blogs after her husband allegedly beat her up at a public event. The couple later posted a video denying this claim.

From that point forward, Toyin Aimakhu’s marriage has hardly received any negative attention, it has been positive news all the way. In January 2016 Lanre Gentry even bought his wife a car as her birthday gift.  Everything looks good at home.

The only chink in Mercy Aigbe’s armour is her movies. Her flicks are popular and they sell but she has not had a smash crossover hit like Funke Akindele’s ‘Jenifa’. When she gets a movie as popular as that, Mercy Aigbe will easily be the undisputed new queen of Yoruba Nollywood.

Beautiful, hot mum, good actress and defender of her industry, Mercy Aigbe looks like hottest Yoruba actress in the game right now.

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