A lot of good and positive things have happened to

It’s good to see Davido’s brand fly higher but it is time for the pop star to be more discerning in what he says so that he can avoid trouble.

Yesterday (Sunday, April 17, 2016) Davido went hard on an artiste on his HKN label (which people believe to be his cousin B-Red). Davido wrote on his snapchat “My own blood hating on me .. Over MAYORKUN’s success wow !!! I’ve done so much for u .. U still no blow !! FUCK OUTTA HERE!! Hater oshi. You don do over 10 videos and nothing happened, so don’t bring ur anger to me please.”

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He also took shots at his cousin on Twitter. “My own blood hating on me .. Over MAYORKUN's success wow !!! I've done so much for u .. U still no blow !! FUCK OUTTA HERE!! Hater oshi.”

Sometimes Davido brings attention to things that nobody would have known about if he just kept quiet and dealt with things internally. When he rants on Twitter or on any social media platform Davido exposes himself unnecessarily to public scrutiny.

Now we all know all is not well in the HKN camp and between him & at least one of his cousins signed to his label. If he had just kept quiet people won’t be sniffing to find more dirt.

Last week Davido had to respond to a sex scandal tweet. By doing so he picked the attention of bloggers who are looking to feast on him. That story went wide and round the Nigerian side of the Internet. Once again if Davido had kept quiet his alleged input in the sex scandal would have faded away quickly.

Now that he is on a world platform it is time for Davido to be careful with his words. He might be the type to respond at any every given occasion but now he must learn to hold his tongue. It is not everything that happens that deserves a reaction on social media.

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The world is watching him right now so Davido has to be careful about his rants and utterances. His new found pal Wizkid is in a spot of bother because of his threat to Linda Ikeji.

I know stars are like targets for trolls and haters but it’s not every time you respond to stories and comments. Discernment is vital for today’s modern pop celebrity. Davido’s needs it badly to handle his big career.

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