For some strange and stupid reason

The short clip which sees Nick Young admitting that he had sex with an unidentified 19-year-old woman mysteriously found its way to the Internet.

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After the video ‘leaked’ D’Angelo Russell said he did not post the video on the Internet. He claims he was hacked. Russell has however apologized for his recording and admitted that his actions has led to his teammates not trusting him.

“I know if I've lost anybody's trust, I'm going to work my tail off to gain it back, because that's something you need for a winning team," Russell said. "You need everybody to trust each other. You need the first guy to trust the 15th guy, and that's my intentions” he said.

The social media gaffe has created a thick tension between the two players and also in the team.

“We’re told everyone involved believes the video was obtained and leaked by a 3rd party — not Russell.

"That being said, we’re told the tension between D.R. and Young is thick — but a Lakers honcho is planning to sit them down to hash this thing out man to man as soon as possible.

"The Lakers want them to bury the hatchet so they can move forward” a source told TMZ.

The video itself most likely did little damage to Young and Azalea’s relationship. Prior to the embarrassing video Azalea postponed her wedding to Nick Young. Iggy Azalea also stated her support for Russell with an encouraging tweet.

D’Angelo Russell has run foul of the guy’s code which says “thou shalt not snitch on your guy when he is cheating on his chick.” It’s an unwritten law that every guy knows...well that every guy should know.

Men do not expose themselves when it comes to cheating. Men are not built like that. Russell can claim that he recorded the video as just a prank but why record it in the first place? Men don’t do this. Recording is equal to snitching.

Now it’s not that men condone cheating but we believe it is not in our place to expose another man’s wayward ways. We prefer for nature to take it’s course.

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It will be hard for D’Angelo Russell to regain the trust of his teammates after this gaffe. And if you can’t trust your teammate you can’t win games. Russell might have to move to another team.

As for Nick Young he has already been outed as a cheat. He and his PR team might need to have a few meetings on how to clean up his image.

You know who is the winner all of this? Iggy Azalea is the winner. Her next album ‘’ drops in June. One week before this whole mess started she dropped a new single. Her name will be in the press for a while thanks to this social media faux pas.