When dancehall singer

Cynthia Morgan was  a breath of fresh air that was badly needed. Her style of music and bad gal attitude injected new energy into the scene. Three years later the singer has unfortunately blended in with the business as usual proceedings.

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Yesterday (April 27, 2016) the red hair Cynthia Morgan shared a video on her Instagram. In the clip the singer flaunted her ample bosom and added a self-promotional caption “#GOWATCHBABYMAMAVIDEO.”

The video feels tacky from a singer who once was an electrifying celebrity with her looks and her style of music. Lately, Cynthia Morgan has had to rely on poor public stunts instead of her music to remain in the headlines.

Talented as she is Cynthia Morgan is a now constant sharer of her eye popping photos. At first this was exciting but over time it has become cliche. It would have been better if these pictures came with hot singles but sadly we haven’t heard any bangers from her recently.

Yes ‘German Juice’ made a little mark but her last true hit was ‘I’m Taken’ which was released in 2014- two years ago. The 24-year-old Morgan is now surrounded with news of boring sexy photos and unnecessary clashes.

In October 2015, Cynthia Morgan pulled her worst stunt till date when she held a baby and was smoking at the same time. The photo backfired and a lot of people criticized her for the move.

The photo was used to promote her new single ‘Baby Mama’ a song that has not ‘blown’ (as they say) on the streets. Her obvious romantic pictures with Burna Boy had more impact than the actual song with the male dancehall singer.

I am not saying that an artiste shouldn't stir the pond sometimes and create controversy but controversy without the main product (good songs) will hinder rather than progress a career.

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Cynthia Morgan needs to go back to the drawing board. She can be a bigger celebrity with better songs. She has the talent. All she needs is the focus and hard work instead of the suggestive photos and PR stunts that are not doing her any good.

You can watch the video below;