The cold war between Ciara and her baby daddy, the

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On Monday, April 11, 2016 singer Ciara showed that there is no love lost between her and Future. Ciara who is the host of this year’s Billboard Awardsrefused to mention Future’s name while reading out the nominees list.

It was later revealed that Ciara didn't say Future’s name because of a gag order placed on her by the rapper. Yes the gag order does not stop her from mentioning his name. It only stops her from talking about him.

The bitter battle continued a couple of days later when Future counter sued Ciarafor $15 million after she sued him for the same amount back in February for defamation by publicly claiming she's an unfit mother to their 2-year-old son.

These 2 incidents are the latest between the fight between Ciara and Future. The aftermath of their separation has been toxic to say the least. The former lovebirds have been at each other’s throat since their relationship hit the rocks in August 2014.

The way these two are behaving you won’t believe that they have a son together. They have forgotten about their son and are always bickering and fighting on social media.

Personally, Future has failed to behave like a man in this situation. He is acting very petty by taking digs at Ciara. Maybe he is irritated that she has a new man Russell Wilson who is a star American football player. Future went berserk when he found out that Russell Wilson is taking care of his son.

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Future needs to man up and make sure that his beef with Ciara does not affect his relationship with his son. He needs to settle things amicably with his baby mama.

As for Ciara she does not need to poke an already angry bear. Sharing photos of Future Jr. with Russell Wilson will only cause more trouble. She has moved on. Ciara should stop the mind games with Future and rise above the pettiness.

Kids are most at risk in failed relationships. The parents don’t normally see this because they are too busy fighting each other. Ciara and Future should chill and find an amicable way to settle their differences before they hurt their son.