It is quite common to see a celebrity donate food items to the underprivileged or the disabled in the society. Hardly a week goes by without an actor or singer spending time with the less fortunate and donating money and other gifts.

In May dancehall act Cynthia Morgan launched her charity foundationMama Cynthia Empowerment Foundation and visited two communities Makoko and Bariga in Lagos. During her visit she donated food items and toiletries to the residents. Of course both trips by Cynthia Morgan and Jaywon trips were well documented on the press and on Instagram too.

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Playing the devil’s advocate for a bit it seems that most charity efforts by celebrities are done for the camera and the press. I mean it’s good to donate to the less fortunate but when I see cameras everywhere I have this sinister feeling that it is a photo opportunity and not a charity donation.

I also feel that most celebrities donate charity because it is the expected or required thing to do. People expect them to give back so they do it. The concern for the needy might just be skin deep and all about garnering headlines on social media and traditional media.

Let’s look at it many of these foundations spring up when the celebrity has a birthday or is about to release an album or video. The foundations are mainly active once a year. Charity foundation business is a murky one in Nigeria and when it comes to celebrity foundations most of them are dormant. They are all a one-man thing with no clear focus or well defined goals and objectives. A true charity foundation should involve the public to donate to a cause. See the difference?

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On the other hand it is never bad to give to the needy. Any celebrity that takes time out to donate items to the needy should be applauded. It is from the kindness of their hearts that they are doing this.

We know a lot of things are not structured in this country so we shouldn't expect their charity foundations to be like Bill Gates’ foundation. Also when it comes to photos, maybe these photos can help spur other people to donate. Seeing a celebrity taking time out to be with the needy can inspire more people in the society.

Charity initiatives in Nigeria might not be ideal and might not be for the right reasons most times but at least someone is watching out for the less fortunate.