There has been a ceasefire between two of the biggest pop stars in Nigeria for over a year now.

Now Davido and Wizkid have bonded even more now that the Star Boy singer is in a war of words with top Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji.

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Yesterday (Monday, April 4, 2016) Davido shared a video of him and Wizkid on his Instagram and yelled “F**k the blogs!” an utterance undoubtedly aimed at Linda Ikeji.

While on their flight back from Congo where they performed alongside Akon, Wizkid and Davido were on the same private jet. The two pop stars shared a photo of them raising their middle fingers.

After their arrival they both took a posse photo with Davido’s crew and Wizkid’s seasoned manager Sunday Are. If photos tell a thousand words then we can come to the conclusion that Wizkid and Davido are best of friends.

This however is not the first time Davido and Wizkid are putting up a show of unity. After clashing in 2012, Davido performed alongside Wizkid in December 2012 at the EME concert.

On stage he said that he and Wizkid are friends and never had beef. A year and a half later they were both taking shots at themselves.

We would love to see Davido and Wizkid really become friends and hopefully release a single together. To be more greedy we would love to see them drop a joint album but we will take our victories as they come.

Since 2012 Davido and Wizkid have been pitted against each other in the battle of King of the New School. Before Davido even blew up Wizkid was in his 'Dami Duro' video. Somehow both of them have always fallen for the yelling of the mob for blood.

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At one point no matter Wizkid did or achieved he would always be compared to Davido and vice-versa. It was like no matter what anyone of them did he would always be compared to the other.

The white flag between both acts is still blowing in the wind. Now is the time for them to cement their friendship with something concrete and lasting.

Wizkid has already reached out to Davido for a collaboration. Before their huge egos collide they should collaborate once and for all.