We all saw it coming. It was a predictable end. When Taylor Swift kicked off her relationship with Hollywood actor Tom Hiddleston we all knew it would end pretty soon.

Three months after, Taylor Swift's latest romance has ended. Prior to hooking up with Loki from the Avengers, Swift was in a relationship with DJ/producer Calvin Harris. A few weeks after they called it off, Swift started seeing Hiddleston.

According to reports the pair ended their relationship because Tom Hiddleston wanted the affair to be more public than want Taylor Swift wanted.

"Tom wanted the relationship to be more public than she was comfortable with. Taylor knew the backlash that comes with public displays of affection but Tom didn’t listen to her concerns" a source told US Weekly.

Hmm...one would have thought that Taylor Swift would have wanted the affair to be splashed all over but it seems she preferred the relationship to be low-key. Despite the reason, Taylor Swift continues her fine form of having a long list of celebrity boyfriends. That long list seems to be stretching every quarter.

When the news of Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift's break-up hit the Internet it quickly became a subject of memes. Many people attacked the longevity (lack of) the relationship and others doubted if the relationship was a real thing.

It's been a bad few months for the former country singer. In July 2016, Taylor Swift was taken to the cleaners by the Kanye West and Kim K after the reality TV star released a footage of Kanye telling Swift about the infamous line on his song 'Famous' before it came out.

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The fiasco would end up being Taylor Swift's first case of a bad rep as many people called her a snake online for lying about her knowledge of the song before it came out.

Short relationships are a trademark of the Taylor Swift machine. She uses her failed relationships to pen hit songs and sell millions of albums. Right now she will be going to the studio to write about Calvin Harris, Tom Hiddleston and obviously the elephant in the room, Mr Kanye West.

This is how Taylor Swift runs her business which has earned her a lot of money and build her monster brand. This is just another scene in the Taylor Swift movie, predictable but successful.