The saga continues…in the story of

On Tuesday, August 2, 2016 Maje Ayida’s longtime mistress

In the caption Anita Solomon used the hashtag #singlemom which kind of raises eyebrows. Now let’s put the hashtag in the context Solomon used on her Instagram page.

“The gift of motherhood is every moment to Cherish. Though I'm not worthy, but I'm thankful. I love you bambi, you are such a blessing to me, and you make mama proud! #micah #myheart #mypride #myjoy #mymostpreciousgift #blessed #growandshine #toddler #lovemyson #godsgift #mummysprince #singlemom motherhood," she captioned the post” Anita Solomon captioned the post.

Hmmm...When Maje Ayida left Toke Makinwa to be with the mother of his child last year we all thought it would end up in a union. If that hashtag is anything to go by then those plans have ended up in smoke.

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Anita Solomon’s post two weeks ago did not even have any trace of Maje Ayida’s presence. “Happy Birthday Micah, my sweet boy! You are blessed and highly favoured. You will always bring joy to the hearts of many, and you will serve God and give Him Glory. I love you so much and I can't imagine a life without you, and I am blessed to have you! May God's grace abound in your life and may his spirit guide your path through this life always. Words can't express how proud I am of being your mom today. I love you - always and forever!” Not even a “and daddy loves you also” line made it into the caption.

Even Tiwa Savage with all her marriage troubles still wrote “You are my reason for everything ... Dada and Mama love you so much” when she celebrated her son Jamil as he turned one.

Maje Ayida’s Instagram does not feature his new son’s photo which is rather strange for a man who used to put up Toke Makinwa’s photos regularly. Maybe he does not want to grab headlines when he shares a photo of his son.

It seems the intended paradise didn’t turn out to be paradise at the end of the day. While the cookie crumbles (or stays intact) the winner in all of this is Toke Makinwa.

The media celebrity is still slaying and lining up projects without much fuss or drama. For months she has been hinting that she has been working on something big that will soon be out.

As the story of her and Maje Ayida takes on a new shape- Toke Makinwa is still maintaining her upbeat and confident stride.