Pulse Nigeria readers are tired of the cold war going on between Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose. To them, the two ladies should try and find a way of squashing their beefs so they could be friends again.

According to an article we wrote early October, it was alleged that Kanye West's wife is ready to end her ongoing cold war with the rapper ex-girlfriend after the 31-year-old ex-stripper's emotional speech at the Los Angeles Slut Walk, during which she forgave the rapper for his hurtful words about her.

However, Kim's alleged intentions came few days after Kanye reportedly asked Amber to apologize to Kim.

Following our poll results, 77.6% of our readers think Kim and Amber should reconcile because they are grown up who are able to let go of petty beefs. However 13.8% said no to their reconciliation while only 8.6% NEVER want both stars to be friends again!