So yesterday we caught newly married and mother of one IK Ogbonna staring at the breasts of actress Angela Okorie.

Well, we didn’t actually catch him in the act. Angela Okorie shared the picture of her breasts being ogled by the actor.

Readers of Pulse have let us know they are thoughts on the picture and 39.3% say it is ‘cool’. 32.1% believe the picture is inappropriate while 28.6% say it is trashy.

IK Ogbonna is no stranger to pictures that get people talking. On September 14, he shared a picture of him and his wife Sonia Ogbonna in a steamy cuddle. He has also shared pictures of him and his wife publicly displaying affection for themselves on the streets of Zagreb.

Watch Pulse TV video below to seee IK Ogbonna spill on how he met his wife.