From calling each other out on social media to accusing each other of doping and sending thugs after each other.

Here's Pulse presents all the unforgettable celebrity baby mama drama that's happened in 2016 so far.

1. Davido Vs Sophia Momodu

We would give it to them! Constantly at each other's necks, even involving their aged fathers into the social media brawl.

It started with calling of names and accusations. The singer accused his baby mama of neglecting their daughter, doping, posing a serious risk to their child and draining him dry of all his money.

Sophia not relenting accused the pop star's family of 'babynapping'.

Their public 'wahala' climaxed when Sophia Momodu called the immigration on Davido's family while trying to leave the country.

Even after the truce was called between Davido’s family and Sophia Momodu’s family, the pop star has been taunting the veteran journalist and Ovation publisher Dele Momodu by calling out his names.

Needless to say, this two have never been at peace with each other and we hope they would finally call a truce and bury the hatchet.

2. Burna Boy Vs Uju Stella

It all started recently when a lady named Uju Stella, accused the singer of impregnating and abandoning her.

Burna Boy, in response to the allegation, made a short video clip where he said, "he only slept with her once".

Uju Stella also claimed Burna Boy stormed her apartment, broke her door and threatened her after she made it public that she is with his child.

Uju Stella then proceeded to drag his mum into the brouhaha accusing her of trying to get her terminate the pregnancy.