The birth of a child is usually a blessing to every family then imagine having twins (Like yours truly) it becomes a double celebration.

For celebrities, it is usually a big deal for them when they give birth to kids because they tend to flood social media with photos of these cuties. It becomes a bigger deal when they welcome twins with their spouses as we get to see parties been thrown, cute names and even amazing gifts given to these kids.

Maybe it is just a trend or mere coincidence but today, we would be sharing with you, five celebrities who have welcomed twins with their spouses.

1. Paul Okoye

When the news broke that Paul Okoye of Psquarehad welcomed a set of twins with his wife, Anita in 2017, it didn't surprise many. Paul Okoye is a twin and well genetically it didn't come as a surprise that he would have twins.

Back in 2017, the singer announced the birth of his twins on Instagram. "God!! Na me be dis!!?...#twins #papaejima #babaibeji #babayanbiu #doubledouble        what else can I say             God we thank you now the house is complete full house soon let me come and be going to #church" he wrote.

2. Harrysong

In 2017, Harrysong welcomed a set of twins with his girlfriend in the . The twins, a boy, and girl were both named Perez and Tarela by the singer. However, the birth of these twins was briefly surrounded by controversy following the photos that were posted online by the singer.

During an interview with Pulse, Harrysong clarified the incident claiming it was a case of misinformation from his people.

3. Teju Babyface

The story of Teju Babyface giving birth to twins is more like an inspirational and emotional story. Teju Babyface and his wife, Oluwatobiloba Banjoko had been married since 2012 before they welcomed their set of twins in 2018.

Teju Babyface took to his Instagram page on April 21, 2018. where he posted a photo of the twins and captioned it with an emotional message.

"Please rejoice with us! My wife Oluwatobiloba @tobibanjokooyelakin and I are the very grateful and excited parents of twin Children. It has taken almost 6years but God who neither forgets nor forsakes has given us double for our trouble.” He added, “I pray that the God whom we serve will remember everyone who seeks Him & give you the desires of your heart. Mother and babies are doing Great! #Grateful #awesomeGod”

4. Akpororo

Akpororo joined the list of celebrities who have given birth to twin in 2018. Just like Paul Okoye, Akpororo's wife went to the United States of America where she delivered the cute bundle of joy. Not many saw it coming as the comedian only took to his Instagram page where he shared a hilarious video to celebrate the arrival of the twins.

In his usual funny manner, he went on to caption the video with a quote, ''I done born oo #roronation #roroteam #roronation #roroteam help me thank God oooo."A very colourful naming ceremony was held in Nigeria for the twinsafter they got back from the United States which was attended by close friends and family members.

5. Chuddy K

Chuddy K is the latest celebrity to join the list of celebrities with twins as he just recently welcomed his kids. The music star took to his Instagram page on Thursday, June 14, 2018, where he posted a photo of himself and the adorable babies with smiles all over his face. He went on to caption the photo with a quote.

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"Overwhelming with joy..if anyone told me I was gn be baba beji I would have said its a angels are here," he wrote.