Its Toke Makinwas birthday today, November 3, 2016, and shes our woman crush all day everyday.

With a soaring career in the media space and an Industrious personality, Toke Makinwa has been able to win hearts nationwide.

1. She's beautiful

You can't deny Toke has got that gorgeous face that makes innocent hearts go 'drip-drop'.

Makeup or not, the TV host is an epitome of beauty.

2. Strong and fearless

If anything, Toke Makinwa is strong and fearless. She has been through a lot this year and last. From her marital drama to controversial statements, Makinwa has been able to weather the storm and conquered her fears.

3. Industrious

From her Vlog to hosting various shows, Makinwa has got an industrious brain.

4. Talented

Let's not forget she's super talented, if not she wouldn't be where she is today.

5. A survivor

She is also one hell of a survivor. Because we all know it ain't easy being the butt of several jokes and memes for something that isn't even your fault to begin with.

She must have had societal and family pressure after the breakup of her marriage. But she survived it all.