The news around Genevieve Nnaji within the last two weeks has been about her new movie ‘’, and her single status.

The 36 year old Nollywood queen’s single status has always been a subject of interest since she started acting. Genevieve has been tied to a few men including over the years, but nothing serious has materialized to the point of engagement.

In her interview with Encomium, Genevieve says she is not yet married because her Mr. Right hasn’t come to look for her.

Well in today’s list we have profiled five eligible bachelors that are suitable for the Nollywood queen.

1) D’banj (35) - The Koko master is a former flame of the Queen Genevieve. It was a brief relationship, but thanks to them kissing in ‘Fall In Love’ video, their romance still lingers in the minds of Nigerians. A lot of people are rooting to see D’banj and Genevieve rekindle the flame. D’banj is definitely the most favoured bachelor in this list.

2) Banky W (34) – R&B superstar Banky W is one of the most eligible bachelors in Nigeria’s entertainment industry. He has been attached to a lot of female celebs in the country, but apart from Andrea Giaccaglia, Banky W has not been tied to a woman. Banky W and Genevieve don’t sound like a bad idea, an acting powerhouse and a music superstar. It will be the dream of soft sell magazines, and blogs.

3) Don Jazzy (32) – Nigeria’s biggest music producer within the last ten years has managed to remain single while most of his artistes are either married or in a serious relationship. Apart from being scandal free, Don Jazzy has never been romantically attached. Still he is a strong candidate when it comes to Genevieve. Don Jazzy and Genevieve would be a super couple. Their wedding will shatter Instagram and Twitter. Hey, Don Jazzy could even produce Genevieve’s comeback album.

4) Clarence Peters (32) – This young creative mind is Nigeria’s most powerful music video director, and power attracts power. Yes, it might look strange seeing Genevieve with the notoriously shy Clarence Peters, but in this list he is the closest to her line of work. After all his years of shooting music videos, Clarence is now moving into Nollywood. With a marriage like this, it would just be natural seeing Clarence Peters behind the camera of all Genevieve’s movies.

5) Olisa Adibua (?) – When it comes to veterans in the music industry, it doesn’t get any bigger and more influential than the head of programmes at BEAT FM. He is undoubtedly the most famous eligible bachelor in this list. The seasoned broadcaster and media content entrepreneur has somehow managed to remain single all these years. Maybe Genevieve might be the lucky one. Although, Olisa knew when Genevieve started acting when she was a little girl. Their relationship might be a bit awkward, but isn’t age nothing but a number?

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