Being pregnant doesnt mean you cant flex those muscles and rotate that waist..... At least thats what these celebrities have proved.

From Lami Philips rotating her waist to Vector's 'You Garit' to Kaffy dancing on stage, being pregnant is definitely not holding these celebrities down.

1. Kaffy

Dancer Kaffy was 7 months pregnant when she proved she could boggey down come what may.

The mum of two was pregnant with her second child when she took to the stage at Peter Okoye's traditional wedding.

2. Lami Philips

We came across a video of singer Lami Philips ferociously dancing to Vector's 'You garrit' while pregnant and we love it!

With a great fashion style during pregnancy, she proves over and over again that pregnancy has got nothing on her.

3. Tiwa Savage

Then Tiwa Savage sent fans into a frenzy while performing and dancing on stage.

She went as far as twerking for the audience. Lol.

4. Bovis wife, Kris Asimonye

We caught her dancing to Timaya's 'Sanko' and it was a great thing to watch.

She still has her shine despite her growing bump.