In the world of entertainment, there are bound to be scandals and back home, some Nigerian celebrities got into (alleged) scandalous actions.

While 2018 was a bit scandal-free for a lot of celebrities, some others couldn't stay away from scandals. A critical look at the year shows that majority of the celebrity scandals that rocked the media were mainly baby mama dramas and infidelity scandals.

Here are the top five celebrity scandals that made the headlines in 2018.

1. Wizkid and his baby mamas drama

Wizkid had a very successful 2018 as a music star and budding fashion entrepreneur but it wasn’t all rosy in his relationship with his baby mamas.  In May 2018, the first drama between Wizkid and his baby mama reared its ugly head when Shola Ogudu.

According to Shola, she was the father and mother to their son and therefore she deserved accolades. Little did we know this was just the beginning of a messy scandal. Then came Diamond Diallo who called out the singer for failing to pay his child support. She went on to drag him on her social media page, calling him a deadbeat dad. It didn't end there, she revealed how she was begged not to sue Wizkid so as to not get him into trouble with the immigration in the United States of America.

In September 2018, Shola Ogudu literally woke everyone up to a long thread of how she had been maltreated by Wizkid. In her long Instagram posts, she shared screenshots of conversations she had with Wizkid which according to her was to debunk the claims that she was after his money only.

One shocking revelation made by Shola Ogudu in her social media rants was the fact that her son might have been exposed to things he wasn't supposed to see. She gave an example of the time Wizkid allegedly made their son touch the boobs and ass of the women in his house because he wanted to be sure about his sexuality.

2. Wanda Coal accused of kidnapping his son

2018 seemed to be filled with a lot of baby mama dramas with celebrities getting slammed by their aggrieved ex-lovers.  For Wande Coal, his story was unusual. The singer has been able to stay away from controversies but in 2018 his baby mama made a wild accusation. Wande Coal’s baby mama, Temitope Ogunnusi, revealed how her son was kidnapped by the singer's family.

In April 2018, Temitope granted an interview and revealed how she had to drop out of school at the age of 16 back in 2008 when she found out that she was pregnant for Wande Coal. According to her, she reached out to the singer who denied the pregnancy. After delivery, Wande’s mom, Mrs. Omolara Oluwayemisi Ojosipe, arranged to see the baby. A DNA test was conducted in 2010 and it showed the singer as the father of Joseph.

The baby was, however, allegedly abducted by the mom after cajoling Tope to allow him to come and spend some time with her. Thereafter, she reportedly blocked every means of communication between her son and Tope. In his response, Wande Coal and his management issued a statement a few days after the scandal began to trend on social media denying the accusations leveled against the singer by Temitope Ogunnusi.

3. Stephanie Coker's husband's cheating scandal

Stephanie Coker's marriage to Olumide Aderinokun was hit by an infidelity scandal in 2018. In February 2018, the internet went into a frenzy when screenshots of a conversation between Olumide and a young lady, Yolanda Ayemo hit social media.

The two were allegedly planning to hook up at one of the popular hotels in Lagos. It didn't take long before it became the most talked about gist on social media. Stephanie Coker wasn't even moved by the drama that almost dented her young marriage as she stayed silent all through the scandal.

Her husband, on the other hand, came out to deny the claims that he was cheating on his wife with a university undergraduate. The couple ended the year on a good note as Olumide won the primaries to contest for the house of representative seat in his Ogun state federal constituency.

4. Mercy Aigbe's red dress drama

If you say Mercy Aigbe is one of the most popular and talked about celebrities in Nigeria then you've scored for yourself a lot of points. A month doesn't go by without the actress making the headlines. Mercy Aigbe celebrated her birthday on the first day of January 2018 and we all thought it was going to be an event devoid of drama.

Well, it didn't take long before the scandal that rocked the birthday eclipsed the actual event.  Mercy Aigbe had released photos from her birthday shoot and she got called out by a certain lady for wearing a red dress belonging to her.

They went back and forth on social for days as everyone wanted to really know who the owner of the red dress was. Even the designer of the said dress wasn't left out of the drama as Mercy Aigbe threatened to take legal actions against her.

5. Klint da Drunk accused of abandoning daughter by baby mama

Well, Klint da Drunk is probably the last person anyone would be expecting to have a baby mama and even worse involved in a scandal. In March 2018, a certain lady simply identified as Sandra Novo Jacob brought to everyone's knowledge of her daughter who she had with Klint da Drunk.

The lady revealed that she had a relationship with Klint da Drunk who is married with three kids, years ago. According to her, the comedian had taken responsibility for the child initially but however stopped sending money for the upkeep of the daughter.

She went as far as posting screenshots of monies paid into her account by the comedian. She, however, said she decided to come out of the closet because of the comedian's failure to take care of their daughter.