We will discuss the issue under four headings...

Act I: A global spectacle by the sportsman and the Nigerian support for sex work

The entire purport of feminism is to allow women do whatever they please with their bodies.

A few years ago, Floyd Mayweather was seen in a video, throwing loads of cash at a bunch of twerking half-naked women in a place that was presumably his home. The woke bunch was enraged.

Earlier this year, 'Ashawo is a hustle' became the mantra for liberation that accompanied what the woke generation deemed, 'bigotry against prostitutes/transactional sex/sex work.'

Indeed, one was well outraged by how these standards subtly contained a validation for cheating. Aristos are mostly married men. If 'runs girls' are on a legitimate hustle, it would mean cheating is also validated.

Most critics meandered between asking us to hook the heads of buyers of sex on spikes and standing alone to support prostitution when it seemed they realized that buyers of sex had always been shamed. The defence then became, 'feminism gives women a prerogative to do whatever they want.'

It was true, they were right and it became difficult to argue with female liberation movements and tenets of feminism that apply in scenarios like this; the instance of validating sex work.

At this time, it seems woke people just want to criticize buyers of sex and validate the sex workers themselves. Quite interesting, because 'it takes two to tango.' Who will then pay for the sex work if sex work is a legit hustle?

Sorry for the digression dear reader, we are getting somewhere.

Act II: Are we confused?

A few days after the International Women's Day 2019 or #IWD2019, Nigerian entertainer, MC Galaxy, in a social media video online allegedly encouraged women to dance naked for N50,000.

Before we go further, let's understand that the woke generation has validated sex work with the mantra, 'feminism gives women a prerogative to do whatever they want.'

I agree, women should be able do do whatever they want under the sun.

Actress Toyin (Aimakhu) Abraham responds to MC Galaxy with a long message on Sunday March 10, 2019, criticizing the actions of the singer for supposedly degrading womanhood to that level. In this Instagram post accompanied by the infamous MC Galaxy moment contains the message.

She wrote, "Dear MC Galaxy, what you did asking girls to go naked for 50k is despicable, debasing, and bad in every way. You just further strengthen the believe that the easiest way women can get things is to sell their bodies. I sincerely can't fathom what you need or gain from this despicable act when you could have checked in on porn sites.

"I am not trying to be a moral judge, I am the least qualified to judge a fellow human, but just the way you used your influence and platform for this woman-debasing act, I am also using mine to stand against an act ridiculing women and further prove that some men are scum.

“See what people like Linda Ikeji, Kemi Adetiba, Chimamanda, (Even your friend, LauraIkeji), and other women are doing with their platforms, they lift other women by living, giving and not asking for nudes.

“You can as well follow examples of young men like Davido, Tunde Ednut, Wizkid and Banky W. My message to those girls that went naked on your page is this-please let's do better, let's stop making men like Mr. Galaxy think everything about women is money.

“Don't sell yourself short because of 50k, it’s the least of the money you will make in your lifetime. We are women, we are powerful, we are not cheap. With love always, Toyin Abraham.

In a statement since released on his Instagram page, @mcgalaxymcg, Galaxy has since clarified the situation. He writes, “On friday night, I held an IG live session where people called in to show their talent. Some rapped, some sang and some danced. We got calls from everywhere; both from guys and ladies called in to (sic) showcase their talent.

“At some point, a particular lady called in without her clothes on. I actually dropped off, but fans from the comments insisted I accept her request, so I did. As she danced, a friend declared her the winner and promised to give her N50,000. At no point did I offer anyone N50,000 to dance naked. There was no price tag for anybody to go naked.

“This issue was a case of an Instagram live that that went out of hand. If you follow my page, you know I have utmost respect for women. I have helped a lot of my female followers; ladies who have needed my help for one thing or the other, without asking anything in return and without informing anyone.

“My apologies, we will handle things better next time.”

Act III: Toyin Abraham might not subscribe to the fourth wave of feminism

Maybe feminists who do not subscribe to the fourth wave believe that MC Galaxy was exploiting women. It has been said that men in the entertainment industry should use their platform to empower women and not convert them to titillating sexual objects.

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In that regard, if we are going by that narrative, maybe the singer could have done better for the uplift of women in the music industry who are in dire need of a level playing field. Many male artists if not all in Nigeria are short on this.

For this episode, however, it is a function of free will. It as simple as that.

Act IV: What does the woke generation want?

The Akwa Ibom native, Galaxy could not have coerced anybody to send him a video of them dancing naked. Thus, this entire thing was down to these women sending him videos out of what we would deem ‘their own volition’ which the cool kids also call, free will.

Interestingly, a part of 'feminism gives women a prerogative to do whatever they want.' Another interesting fact is that, in this modern day, we - yes, myself included - continue to criticize the idea of men who police women's bodies.

It is wrong. We will not subscribe to it. It is why, we keep criticizing people who slutshame women for how they're dressed or bash them for posing nude for 'body positivity' or messages of female liberation that a woman has a right to her body.

It is a distinct feature of the fourth wave of feminism. And if we all aim to be feminists, men included, women should be allowed to do with their bodies as they plead without a moral police to hold them back.

Again, we - myself, not included - have also validated sex work, of which one is stripping as a legitimate hustle which ANY woman should be allowed to do so far as she is not under any form of slavery and she is being paid for it of her own volition.

Maybe Toyin Abraham does not subscribe to this wave of feminism. This is the message woke people have been preaching for our kids; what they truly believe should be the ideals our kids grow up on.

That said, one would then be right to say that, what MC Galaxy might have asked of women is a simple case of sex work - stripping - which we have validated for so long with messages of body positivity and anti-slutshaming.

Indeed, also material is how Galaxy forced no woman. The only difference is that he did this online and not in a strip club. In truth, there's no real difference between woke people publicly validating sex work and nudity with body positivity and anti-slutshaming messages which young people see and ingest and MC Galaxy asking women to strip for him online, of their own volition and for good money.

Businesses and career choices - which stripping - are pursued for money. The problem would have been if Galaxy had selected a winner and not paid her. We would have had a problem.

It is down to a woman as long as she is not forced. Any woman who has chosen to do it would have understood the risks going into it. She must have known that she might not win. And that my readers, is not an MC Galaxy problem.

Women who choose to strip for Galaxy are not different to strippers. Thus, Toyin Abraham, criticizing Galaxy with undertones of feminism is slightly confusing - one would think, upon critical thought.

From this, I guess we can then infer that any woke person who is criticizing MC Galaxy for trying to patronize sex work, which entails tenets of feminism, body positivity, female liberation and anti-slutshaming might be a confused hypocrite, a confusionist who likes partilizing narratives OR a passionate lover of double standards.

How is Galaxy wrong for buying sex-related acts or sex hormone stimulating act, for which he's going to pay? How is Galaxy wrong that a woman is doing what she wants with her body?

Oh, he said it online? Is buying sexually stimulating acts online worse than openly support sex work online which young persons can also see? OR, am I missing something?

But then, since this is such a supposed sensitive matter, please direct any grievances to my Twitter account, in case I missed something, so I can learn and unlearn.

We all need help to learn. We must never stop liberating each other.