The Sheriff also took time to explain why Suicide has been ruled out as a cause of the singers death. He said that there was ‘no obvious trauma to the body’, by which he explained trauma referred to ‘signs of violence’.

Prince was discovered early Thursday morning lifeless  in a lift at his Paisley Park estate in Minnesota. He was pronounced dead at the scene when CPR attempts failed to revive him.

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It was further revealed that Prince had been fully dressed when he was found, and couldn't have called for help as there was no mobile phone on him.

A spokesperson for the Medical Examiner’s Office said: "There will be full panel of tests, tissue samples, and toxicology tests." She explained that the results could take weeks.

Speaking on the need to follow due process in the post-mortem examinations, and not try to hasten it, the Sheriff said: "It’s best for us to do it well than for us to do it fast."

The Sheriff added: "This is a tragedy for all of us. To you he was a celebrity. To us he is a community member and a good neighbour, to his family he is a loved one.

"In life he was a very private person We are going to go continue to respect that in our investigation."