R&B/Pop singer

In the cheeky photo Praiz can be seen playfully grabbing the South African fashion enthusiast boobs along with radio legend, Bob Mabena.

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This begs the question: Is anything going on between the two that we need know about?

A quick peek at Roberts Instagram page proves she has this 'undying' love for Praiz and we can't help but wonder if Praiz shares the same feelings.

Roberts shared several photos of herself and 'the love of her life' Praiz on the photo sharing app, Instagram in various cozy positions (which makes us jealous by the way) at a gig somewhere in South Africa.

The mum of two shared a photo of herself sitting on Praiz' laps and another almost kissing the singer.

But, apparently, this isn't the first time Roberts would be doing this with a star.

Just recently she shared a cozy photo of herself and South African boyband Mikasa's lead singer,  J'Something and she has several 'crazy' photos of herself with different guys.

Guess Praiz is still single afterall..

Watch Praiz in music video below.