Youve got to believe this, guys, she has got something every guy would find really attractive anytime and any day.

So on our photo of the day, we've got Toke Makinwa showing off her hips. Well...rumour has it that these hips aren't natural but we don't really care as long as Toke is happy with her body.

In recent times, Toke Makinwa has become very confident when it comes to showing off her new body. It is not clear if this new body is as a result of hours spent in the gym working out or as a result of plastic surgery but we can for sure tell you that Toke Makinwa sure looks good!

The last few weeks has seen Toke Makinwa trend on social media for all the right reasons though. From shooting her shot at Don Jazzy to revealing what the value of her private part is in monetary terms, she sure has been consistent ion her quest to remain relevant on social media.