Just when we thought the Okoye drama was over, Peter dropped a bombshell over the weekend, now his brother Paul is responding to the accusations.

Paul Okoye while granting an interview with a radio station was asked about his twin brother's latest accusation and he gave a very diplomatic answer to the question.

"These are sensitive questions and the fact that it is sensitive there are ways you will say it and the way you people will just create news out of it. The way you people are lost about this issue is the same way I am seeing the issue too.

"Just understand this, it Is not good for me, it is not good for anybody yes people will tell you that they have been hearing one side of the story and they want to hear my own side of the story, I am not giving anybody any story. I always say this I didn't work hard for twenty years to destroy stuff like that, ok, I don't know, to be honest with you, I don't know," he said.

Well, it looks like Paul Okoye isn't ready to go through all that drama he had with his brothers in 2017. However, Peter is still ready to let the whole world know that he still has a feud with his twin brother.

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Paul insults my wife and kids then expect me to perform with him - Peter Okoye

A few days ago, Peter Okoye said he won't perform with his twin brother, Paul Okoye, who would insult his wife and kids then expect a Psquare performance afterwards.

In an interview with Citizen TV in Kenya, Peter said his twin brother will insult his wife and family at will in public and expect a performance with him without even an apology

“I don’t disrespect my brother’s wife neither, his family but he does that to me all the time. He’ll insult me and my family in public, on Instagram, and the next minute he’ll wait for me backstage for us to perform together," Peter said.

Continuing, Peter said he won't go back on his vows to protect and love his wife and family