Following the discovery of a nude picture of Hollywood actor, Orlando Bloom, captured at a beach, it has been revealed that he does this on a regular basis.

An anonymous source close to Bloom confirmed this in an interview with Hollywood Life.

The source also revealed that the actor also tries to get Katy Perry to join him in exposing the body.

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"Orlando is so comfortable with nudity, he loves being naked",

“It’s not at all surprising that he’s got his clothes off at the beach, he’s basically a nudist at home too. He’d love for  [] to be as comfortable with nudity as he is but she’s definitely a lot more shy when it comes to her body."

"He’s really working hard to get her more conformable though. He’s always telling her what a beautiful body she has and how sexy she is."

"She’s never been with a guy that gives her so many compliments, she’s loving it.”

Bloom and the British singer have been enjoying a romantic affair which began as a rumour, but turned out to be true.

The pair reportedly hit things rolling at the Golden Globe Awards held earlier in the year 2016.