The animosity between

Oritsefemi initially claimed to have been attacked while coming to Sound Sultan's rescue at Quilox club, but the singer as well as the club management have since refuted his claims.

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A statement released by the management of quilox revealed that Oritsefemi was being restrained from entering a reserved area in the VIP section of the club when he attacked one of the club bouncers with a broken glass cup.

Now, Oritsefemi shared a photo of legendary singer, Shina Peters via his Instagram page, with the caption, "The only Shina we know is..... Sir Shina Peters."

The post meant as a jab to Quilox owner, was well received and replied when Peller shared his own post of a drug addict which he captioned, "#saynotoviolence".

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This is hardly the first time Oritsefemi has been involved in some form of dispute but this is definitely the worst yet.