After 17 years of marriage, Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli is dishing out her marital advice.

Oboli in an interview with Punch on Sunday, July 16, 2017, opens up on why her marriage is still intact compared to some of her colleagues. She also talked about her childhood and career.

Talking about her her childhood, she simply described it as “simple and also full of fun.”

When asked about how she has kept her marriage intact after so many years, the "Wives on Strike" actress said,

"I don’t know if I keep my home intact; I believe God does that for me. There are many women who do the right things and show up at every time for their husbands and still get the short end of the stick.

So I don’t take credit for it. I have my moments and he does too, but somehow it has never tipped the scale and that’s because God made it possible.

Nevertheless, I believe that when you understand that you’re both different individuals who have become one, then you can try to weather any storm, knowing that if you don’t, both of you will have a dreadful life in that marriage.

Enjoy it and seek for the things that make for peace because life is too short to waste it fighting."

Married for 17 years with three beautiful boys, they are just an epitome of a perfect match! The couple who could pass as siblings are very much into each other that they do literally everything together.