The husband of actress Omoni Oboli, Nnamdi Oboli has released a book.

The book is titled ‘’ and it dwells on marriage. Omoni Oboli shared a picture of the book on her Instagram today (October 28) which happens to be their 15 wedding anniversary.

The actress gushed about her husband calling him ‘super hubby’. “Hurray!!! My #MCE is officially an author! It's our 15th wedding anniversary today and I am just so thankful for the love and companionship! This man right here is AMAZING!!! Super man, super hubby, supper dad! I love you loads and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have spent the last 15 years with you! @nnamdioboli Details for book purchase coming soon! #mancrusheveryday #15andcounting #happyanniversarybabe #fineboynopimples #mybooistoohot” wrote Omoni Oboli on Instagram.

In an interview with Genevieve Magazine Omoni Oboli revealed that her husband proposed to her after two weeks of dating.

“He had been trailing me, but he couldn’t find me, until a friend of his found me and told me he was looking for me” she said, “I found out later that he had given up the search a long time earlier because he thought that I had deliberately given him wrong information, but it wasn’t the case.”

“We had both been given the wrong information. The accommodation I had at first outside the campus turned out to be a male hostel and I had to move out. When he came calling, I had moved out! If it were you, what would you think? The girl has ‘posted’ you right? Anyway, he found me and came immediately to see me. He then disappeared for some months, and when he appeared again, we started dating, and two weeks later he proposed!” she further said.

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