Although the couple have been married since the year 2015, they were only able to fulfill customary rites three years later. They are with two kids and the marriage has been great from the singer's point of view.

Testifying to this, she shared a post on Instagram today. Comedienne Chigurl was spotted in a photo of a queenly Omawunmi.

"We've been on this journey for a bit but we had to go give the elders their due," the singer reminisces over the length of time it took to have a traditional marriage.

At the ceremony, Omawunmi was the perfect bride rocking three lovely outfits. One of the dresses reportedly bears the signature of Nigerian designer Mai Atafo.

Later in the year 2018, specifically in the month of December, she dropped a song produced by Sess titled 'Hold my baby'.

It featured rapper Falz who made sure to complete an image of love.