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“We’re still figuring each other out. In fact, I don’t even want to say I’m in a relationship anymore cause I think when people hear that, they go to a mean place. I used to say I’m not in a relationship even though I was in a 12-year relationship. Then now, [I’m] just going back to that and saying I’m single” said Nicki Minaj when asked if she was ready to be engaged to Meek Mill.

She later said that people thought she had broken up with him because she did not post her Valentine’s Day gift on Instagram. Actually the two lovebirds were together on Val’s Day.

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Nicki’s statement about her relationship and describing Meek Mill as a boy who likes her sent the Internet on frenzy. People thought that the two of them had split or Nicki Minaj was playing mind games on Meek Mill.

When the Internet chatter got too much, Nicki had to respond via her Instagram.

“#They don't want me to write this caption. Cc @djkhaled ~ It would be very remiss of you to not watch what I said about Valentines Day prior to writing or believing a headline about my comment. I'm not single. Thank you for coming out. Have a blessed day and get some D” wrote the YMCMB rap queen.

Nicki Minaj’s statement on Ellen Degeneres was all over the place. She did not want to make a firm commitment by saying her and Meek Mill are heading to the altar but the thing is that they are still dating.

The female rapper doesn’t want to add any pressure on a relationship that is already open to public scrutiny.

Nicki Minaj might also want to take things slow and she has every right to. Remember she was in a 12-year old rapper Safaree Samuels which had its up and downs.

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The long term relationship ended on a bitter note with Nicki Minaj pouring out her emotions about it on her third album. Coming out of such a serious relationship it makes sense that she wants to take things slow this time around.

Nicki Minaj shouldn't be pressured into making a big decision yet. People shouldn't stress her out about her private life.

She is still with her man and they are moving according to their own pace. The public needs to get off her back and let her live.