Apart from rapping, and acting Muna is a painter. Yes she is.

Today (October 5), Muna shared a picture of her mum she did. "So last night, I didn't sleep a wink. I decided to paint a portrait of my mum. It's a picture of her graduation from Montreal university & it was the first thing I always looked at in the morning before they chase me around the house to take a shower and head to school   ( didn't like school much back then  ) even tho it's a few days late, I wanted to give her something personal and priceless for her birthday so I stayed up all night painting. Painting is always better when you paint with love and ps , would you believe this is my first portrait ever?    DNA tins   . I love you mummy happy birthday (even though you ain't on Instagram )" she wrote in the caption of the picture of her painting.

Her mum loved the painting so much she hung it on her wall. "Blurry pic but my mummy already hung it on the wall. Now I know it's not perfect but it was made with love and that's all that matters. The feng shui is something else tho I gotta tell u. Now we wake up to a permanent sunflower positive smile" she wrote.

Muna Abii is currently starring in the YouTube series ''. Watch Pulse TV video for more on the rapper.