With the rising popularity of digitally shared music, some artists are looking to release their albums strictly in digital copies.

One of them, veteran rapper Babatunde Olusegun Adewale, aka Modenine, is taking this route in a bid to beat piracy.

According to the 'Paradigm Shift' creator, he didn't make money from his last work because Alaba boys were cunning.

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This is what he said:

“You give your CDs to the Alaba guys to market for you, and even though you see your CDs all over the place, whenever you call them to ask for your money, they tell you, e no sell. Should you decide to visit them at their shops, they will show you the CDs you gave them to sell, claiming, e no sell, all this in spite of evidence to the contrary. They simply copy the CDs, and sell their own copies, leaving the original copies unsold.

CDs are on their way out anyway. Digital music is the future, and so I have decided to release my forthcoming album online. It will only be available online via downloads for the enjoyment, and convenience of my fans.”

It is unknown when he plans on releasing another album. There would be no surprises if pirated copies of the album make their way to shops and traffic hawkers.

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