Nigerian singer, Mocheddah wants you to know she just finished watching the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trumps presidential debate.

The first US presidential debate got heated pretty quickly as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton took the stage together for the first time.

The duo went head to head on stage at Hofstra University in New York.

Now, Mocheddah has said most Nigerians supporting Hilary Clinton have no idea why they are.

She took to Snapchat today, September 27, 2016, writing, "Call me a hater but I'm sure half of the people supporting Hilary Clinton in Nigeria don't know why. They sha want to act like they know. Yimu. No shade."

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The question on everyone's lips now is, is Mocheddah supporting Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? She needs to come out and clearly state that than writing in parables.

Mocheddah has finally transitioned from being a fashionista to setting fashion trends as she recently launched her eponymous clothing line, Mo'Cheddah Clothing with the Bolanle Lookbook Collection.

The chic pieces while edgy features Aztec designs, mesh and plain colours keeping it cool and stylish.