Just recently,

And then yesterday, Monday, April 18, 2016 it was reported that Mide Martins suffered a health emergency and had to be rushed to the hospital on Saturday, April 16, 2016.

All this came after Martins revealed how her husband abandoned her and their children for months.

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Now, according to PHCity Traffic, sources close to both artistes said the actress feigned a heart attack and asked a friend to call Abiodun.

They claim that the actress ‘faked’ the major breakdown all just to win him back.

Recall that Mide Martins called out her producer husband for trying to destroy her and her career. She wrote, "My husband why are you trying to destroy me? Why do you wanna kill me? What will be your achievement? Why do you wish destroy my career. This is the career that gives me money to feed the children that came out from your flesh and blood… Why do I deserve this kind of hatred from you?… Is this what I get for having stayed by your side and supported you for good 13yrs."

The couple had been together for over 13 years and are blessed with 2 children.