Mercy Aigbe has just confessed to being a fashion junkie and shoe freak.

In an interview with The Punch, the hot Yoruba actress said she has so many clothes and shoes that there is hardly any space for her to sleep in her bedroom anymore.

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When asked what her fashion weakness is she said “The fact is, I actually like everything when it comes to fashion; I think I’m greedy when it comes to fashion; clothes, bags, shoes, everything.”

Asked which one of these items she has the most she replied; “Maybe shoes, but I’ve lost count; and I hardly sleep in my room now because of the number of clothes and shoes I have. Recently, a thought crossed my mind that I should do something for my die-hard followers, my fans, if they don’t mind, I would give out the clothes I’ve worn not more than once.”

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In the interview she revealed the most expensive fashion item she has is a gold Rolex wristwatch given to her by her husband in 2010.

Last month Mercy Aigbe expressed her distaste for tattoos.

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