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Behar who has worked as a security detail for several celebrities such as Donald Trump, Whitney Houston and Hulk Hogan, apart from The Kardashians, announced the name change through his public relations firm, Transmedia Group via the Huffington Post.

CEO, Transmedia Group, Tom Madden said:

"We’re representing Mark who is now legally Bruce so the famous Bruce Jenner name will return to its heterosexual roots where our client believes it belongs instead of hanging around with the likes of the Kardashians and getting into car accidents as Caitlyn.

"I have no problem leaving my/the former Mark Behar name, as it made and is already part of history, and will live on forever, and after I’m gone."

Behar had actually faced Caitlyn (who was still Bruce at the time) in a celebrity boxing match on an episode in season 4 of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Bruce Jenner, now transgender, Caitlyn Jenner, had been an American Olympic gold medalist amongst other things, a reputation that made him an idol to many.

Cailtyn's sex change was a major loss as these records are reserved for the man she had been, a situation Behar is now struggling to save with this bold move.

Behar, who had legally become Jenner on April 15, 2016, spoke on his revelation during an interview with The New York Daily News, revealing that the name once stood for something iconic, which he intends to save.

Speaking during the interview, Behar said:

"This name once stood for America, and I just want to keep it alive. I’ve been seeing so many idols and athletes and icons die because of stupid stuff like drugs, die because of age … We’re losing icons. We’re losing names. We’re losing people faster than we ever have."

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Caitlyn had been stripped of all her titles which she had gained as Bruce Jenner, a movement which had been pushed by many who had been disappointed by her sex change.

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