Magasco is a Cameroonian born singer and songwriter who stole the spotlight with his hit song, 'Line Loba' in 2012. But he was forced to exit his former record label, MuMak Records shortly after, which then put a toll on his career.

He however found himself again when signed under ace rapper Pit Baccardi's record label, Empire Company in 2014 sharing the light with award-winning group X-Maleya and Duc Z.

He released his first song under his new label in 2014 titled, 'Fine Boy' and since then, he's been on top of his game. He says there are five things you won't find on Google about him but here they are:

  • I am from the Kom tribe in North West Region of Cameroon. I infuse my dialet (Kom) into my music time to time and that has made my tune very unique in the urban world.
  • I started music when I was five in the church. I wrote my first song while in secondary school (form 3) titled, 'Soldier'. But today I have five hit songs including 'Line Lobe', 'Marry Me', 'Fine Boy', 'No Man No Wowo' and 'Kumba Market'. It's been a great journey.
  • I've done good songs with
  • Hahaha, about my
  • My theme in life is to work hard and pray hard. Yourself and

@Magascobboy in 'Fine Boy' video: