Things seem to have worsened between

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After the eventful week the actress had, what with her cheating and strangling allegations against the 23-year-old Russian heir, this video footage and photos only goes to show just how bad things are between the pair.

A video footage obtained by Radar Online shows Lohan, who was in the passenger side of a black jeep with Tarabasov, throw his phone out her window. The pair proceed to rush out of the jeep in a bid to reach the phone.

As soon as Lohan recovers the Phone, Tarabasov is seen grabbing and pulling her hands, demanding that she return the phone, which she refused to do.

After retrieving the phone from Lohan, she is seen entering into the jeep, causing Tarabasov to demand that she leave the car, to which she again refuses. He is later seen punching in numbers on his phone, presumably to call the police.

We earlier reported that Lohan's neighbours had called the police to the home she shared with Tarabasov after she was heard screaming and accusing him of trying to strangle her.

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Although she alluded to hopes of a reconciliation with Tarabasov, this fight hardly bodes well for any form of reconciliation for the pair.

Watch the video clip below.