Nollywood actress, Lala Akindoju is celebrating her mum, Mrs Adebisi Adenike Akindoju.

She wrote alongside a photo of herself, brother and mum, "The only other person who would fully understand what I mean when I call my mum a living super hero is my brother.

When we were growing up she always said God gave her two hands, two ears, two eyes and two legs for her two children: "one for Seun, the other for Kemi"- her colleagues and friends always teased her that she probably didn't have children in her first life because "won wa aye wa sin omo '(she came to this world to worship her children) .

I don't know how she was able to merge being so strict with being so playful and becoming someone I can discuss anything with. We weren't raised with wealth but my mum saw to it that we never lacked love, support, encouragement and other things money cannot buy.

Everyone who matters in my life feels the touch of my mum from her cakes, to her phone calls and to her nicknames. Mrs Adebisi Adenike Akindoju is 60 Today, and I feel like shouting it all over the world. Happy Birthday to my mama, she really wears a cape and possesses super powers.

I pray that the Lord will satisfy her with Long life, óunję omo ò dè ní korò ní ęnu won ní orúko Jésù."