According to a new infographic made by Karus Chains,  women often search for the expensive item (costing $1,630 - $43,700 apiece) up to 353, 840 times a month. The 18-year-old often wear six-at-a-time on her wrist.

There was spike in searches for the designer bracelet after the reality star shared a couple of Snapchats in January showing herself in a local Cartier store, revealing that ahe's been locked in one of her bangles for four years.

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Kylie's preference for Love bracelets may have helped them top Tiffany & Co. engagement rings as the most-searched piece of designer jewelry, as the classic diamond jewelry comes in second with 85,630 average monthly searches.

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Following Tiffany rocks is the jeweler's Elsa Perreti heart necklace, which averages 61,030 monthly searches, and Swarovski crystal earrings, which come in a variety of shapes and designs and garner about 6,100 monthly searches.

With her sold-out Lip Kit line and growing cosmetics and clothing line empire, Jenner's power for setting trend in the beauty world is pretty much undeniable.