Kylie Jenner may have more than 30 million followers on Instagram but there is someone who doesn’t love her or even her hair color.

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A video footage emerged over the weekend showing a horrifying moment when Kylie was attacked by a fan in California.

The 18-year-old stunner appeared visibly distressed and pained after her hair was yanked by a fan following a night out at a Chris Brown concert in Anaheim, California, on Friday night [September 19].

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In the video, Kylie is seen striding out of the venue, with her quirky green hair worn in a long sleek style, before a fan reached out and aggressively tugs her locks.

Kylie looked stunned as her head is thrown back due to the sheer force of her attacker's aggressive grab. The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' starlet, who was with her rapper boyfriend of one year, 25-year-old Tyga, manages to recover from the aggressive move as her security team jumped in and swatted away the hair-pulling pest.

This incident happens just a week after actress Jessica Alba confirmed on 'Watch What Happens Live' show that Kylie's bodyguard her out of the way at the 2015 New York Fashion Week.

To make matters even more crazy, her boyfriend has been hit with fresh tax evasion complaint from the state of California who alleges that he owes taxes nearly $20,000 from 2009 - 2011.