Kris Jenner is opening up about her 18-year-old daughter, Kylie Jenner's infamous big lipsafter many social media users slammed her for approving her get lip fillers at 17.

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In a new interview with Access Hollywood, the 59-year-old said she was actually upset when Kylie first got the injections despite her older sisters supporting her decision to get lip fillers.

"I get a little crazy — and I think that is what no one sees — and I do have definite thoughts and ideas or [ideas on] what she should do, you know, at a really young age,” the momager told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush.

"I am from the generation that in my day, I mean, some of this stuff did not exist for sure but, I don’t think I did one thing physically to myself until I was in my fifties. So I am thinking, ’Why, why? Why do you need to do that?'" Kris went on.

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Admitting about the first time when she got hints about Kylie's injections, Kris said, "I got really upset. And then it was done, and I had to let it go. Once that was done, it’s just my kid. I love my kid. We make mistakes."

Meanwhile, Kylie, who is currently working on her whole lip kit, explained to Galore magazine that:

"I just put in my order for how many of them I want produced from my manufacturer. I was struggling with the number to ask them to make because I was like, ‘Do I want to make this much?’ No, because nobody is going to buy it. I didn’t want to order that much. But then my mom was like, ‘Kylie, people are going to want your lip kit.’ I guess sometimes that’s all I need to not get nervous."

So, if Kris Jenner never approved of her minor daughter to get lip fillers, who did? Isn't the doctore [or whoever] that did it be in trouble with the authorities?

Do you believe Kris Jenner?