On the first episode, the actress revealed that her ex-husband, Churchill Odunaldi, squatted with her after their they got married because he couldn't afford to get a house.

She made this known in the episode while reacting to Media Hub's Azuka Ogujiuba, who had called her liar during an interview with Hot Topics.

"When I got married, we couldn't afford a house. We stayed in my house in Lagos until I travelled to America. Even while I was in America, he was living in my single girl house here in Lagos with my house manager, Peter,"Tonto said.

"I came back and I went to Abuja. I was living in a rented apartment in Abuja. When I say a rented serviced apartment, I mean that down to the pillow, we didn't buy. Down to the mattresses, we didn't buy. We came in with just our clothes. So Azuka, who took the TV from the wall?"

Also reacting to Azuka's comment that Churchill owned a house in Ghana and wasn't as broke as Dikeh claimed, the actress said, "He has an estate in Ghana? This woman [Azuka] is a fool. Was she not the one that told me this man [Churchill] paid her to be interviewed first before me?

Recall that in March 2017, Azuka Ogujiuba interviewed Tonto Dikeh, and during the interview, Dikeh accused her husband of giving her STDs and beating her up during their short marriage.

Months later, Churchill granted an interview, countering Tonto Dikeh's claims. "I have never raised my hand on any woman and I will never" he said.

On this first episode of "King Tonto," the actress also talked about her wedding ring, which Azuka said cost 23,000 dollars.

"Because I lied initially doesn't give you the right to lie about what I wore. I wore it and the first thing I flung at my ex-husband's face was his cheap ring, which didn't even cost up to 2000 dollars."

On the episode, after watching Azuka on the Hot Topics show on Linda Ikeji TV, Tonto Dikeh called her manager, who advised her against reacting.

Despite her manager's warnings, Tonto Dikeh publicly reacted to Azuka's comments in September 2017.

Dikeh's marriage to  Churchill ended in June 2017 after her bride price was returned to Oladunni. The two have a son together, King.

Episodes of the 'King Tonto' are currently available on the recently launched Linda Ikeji TV platform.