Kim Kardashian has gotten a tempting invitation from a Saudi Prince who has offered to pay her $1 million to spend a night with him.

A few weeks ago, a young man named Adel Al-Otaibi, posted the proposal in the comment section on one of Mrs Kardashian-West's many selfies.

“I'm Saudi and I'll pay you one million per night Mai,” the prince from the Saudi Royal family wrote.

Now, reports have emerged that star is set to receive the offer and fly out to Saudi Arabia in January.

Though the mother of one has not responded publicly to the invitation, gossip website Media Take Out is reporting that she would be flying to Saudi Arabia next year.

This is not the first time Kim Kardashian-West has gotten this sort of invitation. A year ago, she was offered $500,000 to attend the 2013 Vienna Ball as the date of Austrian billionaire, Richard Lugner, which she accepetd.

She however didn't leave a good impression on the 81-year-old business man as he said Kim annoyed him during the date.

“Kim is annoying me because she's not sticking to the program,” Richard Lugner said.