The 'Wives on Strike' actor said it was an awesome experience and also a humbling one. He attributed the tour and the invitation extended to him by the United States President as an Act of God.

According to him, "Being priviledged to be conducted round the Oval Office and the White House is an experience of a life time. I thank President Obama, who is following in the footsteps of President Thomas Jefferson in opening the White House for public scrutiny.

In his letter to me, the President wrote “Your visit today helps to fulfill my goal of creating the most open and accessible administration in American history”. I intend to write a more detailed article on how this tour has fortified my belief that Nigeria like America shall overcome."

Kenneth Okonkwo was one of the movie scene’s staple for many years. He decided to explore other options and went back to law school for a law degree.

He completed a couple of years ago and has since become a practicing lawyer of good standing.