In her exclusive interview with Pulse TV, Nollywood actress Keira Hewatch revealed that she is in a relationship.

"I am in a relationship now, but I would rather not put it out there just yet because I think that it is better I keep that air of mystery about me” said the actress, “but yes there is a man in my life.”

Keira Hewatch also spoke about celebrities that tend to be private on social media, and how she is online.

“To a certain extent I am a private person” she confessed, but said she puts up only social things on her Instagram.

She is of the opinion that people who share their problems on social media attract problems.  “Keep it casual, keep it cool, keep it simple” she advised.

In her interview with Pulse, Keira Hewatch confessed she has lost roles because of her skin colour.

""I have lost movie roles because of my complexion," she said."Sometimes the excuse is that there's a lot of work that goes into lighting a darker person as opposed to a light skinned person,"the actress added.

You can watch the interview below;