Presh, a former member of the music group, Kcee Presh, has trivialised an accusation made by singer, Kcee,

In an interview with Punch Newspapers'Saturday Beats, Presh said he has no time for his co-singer, stating that he only wants to focus on his career.

"There is no time to even check the time let alone having time to check on somebody’s success. Haba! Come on! That was basically why I didn’t reply when I saw what he said. I just took it as one of those things. It is not important.  It is his life; I had to keep my cool.

“I wonder why Kcee should say that. I have never said I am not happy with his career. But I would advise him to face his work and stop such. I really don’t have time for such. I am more focused and I want to do better things.”

He expressed his surprise having read some comments made by Kcee, who alleged that he (Presh) is envious of his success.

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Presh added that he wasn't sure if the move was a publicity stunt by the singer, prompting him to maintain silence on the matter.

“I was also surprised when I saw the report because we don’t usually talk like that on the phone. I am always busy doing my thing, but I was surprised when I came back from my travel to see such.”

“Ha! I didn’t need to do that, I didn’t know whether he said such  for publicity stunt, or maybe he just wanted to be heard and he was looking for someone to exchange words with so that there would be relevance about him or whatever."

"Anybody can do anything. I am not really in that game of talk back. No way. I would rather invest my time in working and coming out with my work. I am not the talking type; I am a very quiet person."

Kcee Presh came into limelight after winning the maiden edition of the Star Quest musical competition in 2004.

They went on become to make an impact in the Nigerian entertainment scene with hits such as 'Sio Nkpo', 'Shokori Bobo' and 'Everybody Dance O'.