Justin Bieber was kind enough to teach a stranger how to take a selfie while hiking on a mountaintop in Los Angeles this week.

The hiker, Mike Maedke told TMZ, March 25 that the pop star stopped for him and his wife after they recognized him and said, "Hey Biebs, what's up?" on Runyon Canyon.

Mike claims he wanted a picture with the star but didn't know how to do it so Biebs taught him how to take a selfie.

But before that, the 21-year-old talked to him about his personal life, how he misses Canada and how the world is so chaotic.

He also claimed Bieber got down on his knees and played with a random woman's dog and only walked away when two girls came along and started screaming Bieber's name.

Wow! What a day in the park with Justin! But do you think it's right for Mr. Mike to tell the press about his convo with the singer especially TMZ?